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  • One Page Profit is like your road map to success, a guide to your first level of entering to the world of internet. As a starter walking alone blindfolded will end you up falling on a trap but here you will find the right track.

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Hi my name is Ruff I was a sailor for almost 9 years before I became involve in the online world. The idea of freedom is what drives me to enter the world of entrepreneurs. Freedom to whatever I want to be, wherever I want to be, for me there is no greater feeling than being free from everything and to help others achieve their financial freedom is my greatest Goal Online. Just like you, and just like any other people working online “We All Have the same Dream” and this is my story.
     Yup! “That’s Me on a Yellow Helmet”
I never thought that working online could be greater than I could ever imagine. I never graduated from a computer school not even a business major or an experience sales marketer, as I told you I was a sailor. I started with nothing a zero idea about how the online world works, if ever one of you knows how to create a website from a blank page? Well that is how I started from a scratch. As a result I ended up to a lot of guru’s out there giving you a massive amount of hype’s showing you great cars, a huge houses and an unlimited amount of numbers in their so called dollar accounts “awesome” well what do I know I was just a newbie.
I have failed a lot of times believing in their promises– “You can make 100$ to a 1,000$ in less than a day”, sounds tempting right? Has anyone of you ever heard the song “Life goes on”? There is a line in the song that says “Shame on you if you fool me once & Shame on me if you fool me twice”, I guess I never learned. Why? Because I have been fooled more than twice.
My motivation is greater than my failures so I never stop, the more I failed the more I tried. Even though I was fooled for a dozens of times I still want to thank those gurus out there because they are the one who opened up and showed me the beauty of the online world and how it can change my lifestyle. I want to achieve something greater.
A lot of people are asking “do they really make money online?” the answer is simple YES but creating money on the internet was never been that easy specially when you had no idea where to start, it’s like going on a war without wearing a complete gear it could be a massacre.
I’ve seen a lot of people working online who already gave up, dead broke. Some of them are still trying while some of them got the chance to win that golden ticket like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Google, Yahoo, Bing and a lot more successful entrepreneurs online.
I had a saying that you cannot start with something if you don’t have something, and that is why I created this blog. To give you something where you can start with something.
Being Part of Online World Means to Me
Being part of Online World is like finding a treasure chest and a toolbox filled with complete set of equipment’s to work with! But working Online without someone to guide you is like navigating a ship without direction, the result could be a massive failure. Imagine your self in the middle of the ocean without any help, without any communication, without any equipment’s that could help you get back on the right direction “You Will Be Lost” but fear not! My greatest GOAL is to guide you step by step along the way. A lot of people working online failed from the start because of the following reasons.
 • They don’t have the proper tools and equipment’s to start.
 • They don’t have the proper knowledge and ideas where to start.
 • They don’t have the right mentor or a coach on how to start.

The main reason why I created this Blog is to help those newbies get their engine fueled. To help you achieved success online, because for me there is no such thing as failure "You only fail when you choose to quit".
“Let us help build people and let us create our future”.
Join Me and be One of those Successful Entrepreneurs Online. “You Are Few Steps Away From Your Success Online, Do Not Quit!
Again, My name is Ruff. Its been an honor meeting you and if you need anything feel free to contact me, I am here to help you...